Lintasan Seribu Roda (Path of a Thousand Wheels) – Michael D. Ruslim

In 20 January 2010, Astra International lost their notable CEOs, Michael D. Ruslim. The passing of this remarkable, yet humble man affected family, friends, colleagues, business partners. With so many achievements during his life, his wife Mrs. Trisni, wished to create a book that captured and shared memories of Michael. Mrs. Trisni approached GFJA’s director and head curator Oscar Motuloh, photographer Rahmad Gunawan and DID to create such a book. After in-depth discussions on design direction, a book of memories format was decided as the most suitable format. The book contained curated family photos, memorabilia, business magazine articles, internal company articles, obituaries complete with a special preface from family and friends. Content was arranged and designed to give the reader a sense of Michael’s life story and to rekindle shared memories of Michael’s fruitful life.