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Illy the Globetrotter – 50 Years Around the World

When an extraordinary woman, Illy – a globe traveler – passed away, her daughter Mrs. Amanda, director of Omar Niode Foundation remembered what her late father had told her eight years prior;  he wished to make a book about his wife’s love of travel. These wishes would be realized using the abundant collection of Illy’s photographs.

DID was tasked by Mrs. Amanda to create this book. DID teamed up with cultural curator Gunawan Widjaja, assistant curator of GFJA, to edit Mrs. Amanda’s manuscript and curate Illy’s photo collection. The team’s concept was to create a look and feel akin to a travel journal. The book was intended to be a gift for family, friends and colleagues – who knew and loved Illy – for her commemoration day.

A Closer Look
– The cover was designed using a cropped images showing landmarks from around the world that includes in Illy’s photograph.
– A world map showed every place visited by Illy.
– DID used five of Illy’s passports and used dates of departure and arrival, destinations, visas, and immigration stamps which were extracted and translated into a graphic timeline that run throughout the book. This graphic timeline was put at the bottom of the page.