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Doing Business in Asia – Greencap’s Booklet Series

Doing Business in Asia is a booklet series created by Greencap NAA Indonesia (previously known as ENV Indonesia) to help clients understand what it takes to deliver environmentally aware business in Asia, particularly Indonesia. These booklets served as a marketing platform to highlight company expertise in environmental consultancy services. DID was assigned by Greencap to design each booklet.

When Greencap organizes its seminars, it shares the DBIA booklets with attendees. With attendees ranging from corporate clients, government people to educational institutions receiving their booklet package cements a solid first impression which is important to Greencap. DID advised and designed a slipcase-box to house all five booklets. DID recommended gold which would convey the concept of a treasure box of information. Over time, colleagues who did not attend seminars have often requested personal copies of Greencap’s booklet box.