A few years ago, I got hooked on learning about vector illustration, and this Octopus Mutant character was one of the illustrations I created. When I first heard about NFT at the end of 2021, I started to pay attention and think about it along the way while working on my design projects. And this octopus mutant illustration suddenly popped up in my folder. Looking at it, I have a strong gut feeling that I can develop this character as an NFT avatar project. I call this project GUE-REE-TA NFT. However they are not published to the marketplace yet, but soon enough.

The ORIGINAL Octopus Mutant vector illustration I did in 2016. Not much thought about it, I just think octopus has a totally unique, fun alien-like characteristics: tentacles, camouflage ability and super flexible body from top to toe (I mean tentacle), nothing can beat their wierdos. Simply add another pair of eyes and you get an octopus from the other verse.

ROCKER. The first avatar I could think of. Since I love rock music since I was a teenager, this rocker character feels like a natural choice. \m/

BURGER FLIPPER. My favorite cartoon simply inspired this character. I bet you know that yellow sponge who lives inside the pineapple house under the sea of Bikini Bottom. This one is also aspires to be best employee every months, with four tentacles who can beat it, yet it still can ruin the patty though…

THE LONE WOLF SAMURAI. If you had a chance to watch this one famous movie from Quentin Tarantino or a fan on his, then you know from what movies this character is. It weapons and attributes inspires from the main characters inside the movie. Well, the movie call Kill Bill vol. 1 and 2 .

MASTER JUGGLER. In this life, we are all a master juggler at best. We have our own role as a son, a father, a mother, a daughter, a worker, employee, and so on. Each with different tasks and responsibilities. Yet with the four tentacles it still struggling to do it all properly. The clown’s make up was inspired from The Joker movie.

METAL. This one is an alternate, metal version from the first avatar – Mutant Octopus Rocker. \m/